Наши коллеги в Англии освоили выпуск настольной игры в футбол..FOOSBALL TABLE. £42,000.


Beautifully brutalist, the striking Foosball Table is an exceptional example of LINLEY craftmanship. The panelled base of the football table is elegantly crafted from dyed ripple walnut, beautifully contrasted by the herringbone eucalyptus playing field.

Tournament standard hardware is complete with hand-cast aluminium players that have been given nickel plated and sandblasted finishes for the opposing teams and chrome plated handles. A modern faceted design, the LINLEY Foosball Table is a bold yet simple piece of furniture that looks at home in both contemporary and classic decors.

Конвертер валют:

фунт стерлингов 42 000 = 

3  861 097. 80  российских рублей  


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